The Wedding Dress Fitting Guide: Everything You Need to Know

You’re getting married and you already found your dreamy wedding dress? Congratulations, you’re one step closer to your big day. All that’s left now is altering your chosen wedding dress for a perfect fit. 

To help you navigate this new stage in your wedding dress shopping, we turned to our sales consultants and in-house alterations chief for advice. We are blessed to work with a team of experienced couture professionals that make it possible to create impeccable and elegant dresses for our customers.

What is wedding dress fitting and why do I need it?

During dress fittings, the designer or bridal consultant will take your measurements and start pinning and tucking the fabric to match the dress with your body’s curves. It’s a personalization method, ensuring the wedding dress will be a perfect fit for you on your big day.

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How early before the wedding should I schedule my first dress fitting?

With all there is to do when planning a wedding, it is best you set aside time for your fittings. The timeline for wedding dress fittings should include time for at least two sessions. It is generally recommended to schedule your first wedding dress fitting two and a half months before your wedding. 


How long will a wedding dress fitting take?

The first fitting will take about one hour. The other one or two sessions will take even less..


How many dress fittings will I need?

In general, it takes two or three sessions to make a wedding dress feel and look like a perfect fit for the bride. It all depends on how many alterations are needed to customize the gown for the bride. However, by the time of the second fitting, you should already get a glimpse of how the final gown will fit.


What should I bring to a wedding dress fitting?

You should definitely bring the shoes, bra or bodice you will be wearing on your big day. The seamstress needs to be aware of the height of your shoes, the size of your bra to anticipate and customize the dress properly.

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Common problems: What if I lose or gain weight between fittings?

First of all, don’t worry. With all the stress of wedding planning, weight fluctuations are actually pretty normal. The fitter will always make sure there is enough fabric to tuck or release and it’s something that will be discussed with you at every fitting. Together you will decide whether or not there should be some wiggle space or not. In urgent cases, you can also have a final fitting only a few days before the wedding and make sure the dress will be a perfect fit.


Who should I bring for company at my first fitting?

It’s great to have a friend or a family member joining the party, but make sure the person you select is honest, drama-free and knows what you like. We’ve all seen the Kleinfeld Say Yes to the Dress drama, so make sure you avoid any meltdowns just because your mom or friend doesn’t like the chosen silhouette, cleavage or back detailing. 

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What can I do to make the fitting a success?

It is essential that you speak up and tell your seamstress when the gown feels too loose, too tight. Express your concerns if you feel that something needs to be addressed: like embroidery that seems to be hanging,, sleeves that are too long, neckline that is too deep or too high. Tell your seamstress if there’s something you don’t like or if there’s some additional alteration you’d like added to the list.  


On your final fitting

Oh, happy day! You’re only a few days away from your wedding day and you’re up for your final dress fitting. Now is the perfect time to bring someone with you. 

Ask the bridal consultant to show your company how to put on the dress, tie any straps, button it up, how to work the bustle or any other hooks and loops that might be involved. 

You should receive your wedding dress already ironed, but if there are any wrinkles or you’re concerned it could get wrinkled, ask whether it’s best to use an iron (and what setting) or a steamer. 

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