How to Choose a Bridal Gown for Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be a beautiful, magical event. The scenery is breathtaking, the pink shade of your cheeks when kissed by cold, the warm hugs, the fairy tale lights, the shawls, the hot chocolate... Oh yes we can picture it now.

If a winter wedding is something you’ve been pondering, today we have the perfect thing for the brides who love the snow. We’re going to help you figure out how to choose a bridal gown for your magical, fairy tale winter wedding.

Winter brides have even more choices for fabulous wedding dresses than imagined

How’s that even possible you ask? We’ve heard from many brides who worry about their choice of a wedding dress for their winter wedding bash. They felt like they didn’t have that much of a choice. Winter equals to cold, so their wedding dress should keep them as warm as possible. And that means that the WOW factor is tamed down. Oh well, that’s so not the case.

Warm fabrics will save the day

While sheer, nude wedding dresses have a special charm of their own, you can’t beat the wow factor of a bridal gown made in damask or duchess satin. The texture on those fabrics and the way designers can create walking “sculptural” silhouettes are bound to leave your guests in awe.

Winter is also the perfect time to wear silk or silk mikado. Yes, you read that right. The warm weather can easily damage it, while the winter cold only accentuates its sensuality. Oh, and did we mention silk is synonym with ultimate luxury?

Brocade is what fairy tale ball gown princess wedding dresses are made of. And if you’re dreaming of such a gown, then better plan for a winter wedding, because in the summer heat there’s no way you could pull that through without some sweat.

Featured:  Amaryllis , brocade ball gown wedding dress

Featured: Amaryllis, brocade ball gown wedding dress

Velvet, pique and moire are also very good choices of warm fabrics that will keep you comfortable on your winter wedding day. And yes, elegance is the rule of thumb with these fabrics.

Lace, satin, taffeta and tulle will also work, just make sure there’s more than one layer underneath your dress or that it is combined with one of the fabrics mentioned above.

Long sleeve wedding dresses are common winter choices, but not your only ones

Long sleeve wedding dresses are of course a common winter choice for brides-to-be. It’s really easy to understand why. Not to mention, with the right design you can wear a jaw-dropping long sleeve wedding dresses that will get you non-stop compliments, even long after your wedding day. Don’t believe us? Check out these five gorgeous dresses that might have long sleeves, but are in no way ordinary.

And now to get to the hot topic. Yes, it is totally possible to wear sleeveless, off-shoulder, backless and even tea-length wedding dresses to your winter wedding. How you ask? Well, if you’ve read the first part of this article, yep, we’re referring to our rant about warm fabrics for winter wedding dresses that keep you warm, then you might have already got a hint of where we’re heading next.

As long as you choose a warm fabric for your wedding dress, you can totally rock your big winter day without shivering in your spouse’s arms. However, if you’re head over heels in love with a nude, sheer tulle bridal gown and will just not have it any other way, we have a solution for that too. Read below.

Add warm accessories for a snow queen look

If you like accessories but are a bit worried about how you’re going to pull that off on your wedding day, you’ll be happy to learn that winter weddings are a perfect time to get away with it.

There are plenty of uber cute capes, jackets, shawls and even wraps you can add to your bridal look to keep you warm and add a touch of glamour and irresistible charm.

Capes are usually the most popular accessories for winter wedding dresses and it’s easy to see why. They are beyond cute, can be added to almost any wedding dress without spoiling the look and they enhance the magic tones of the winter theme. Yes, we’re thinking snow queen style. You can choose natural fur (although we’d recommend you choose more nature friendly alternatives, like velvet or synthetic).

Photo by JAMES CHRISTIANSON at Aspen Mountain Club in Aspen, Colorado, via  The Knot

Photo by JAMES CHRISTIANSON at Aspen Mountain Club in Aspen, Colorado, via The Knot

Coats and jackets are also acceptable and will give you even more warm and chic alternatives. We have one word for you: CASHMERE. Wool works too if you’re not allergic to it. But if you’re into sophistication rather than laid-back, a taffeta jacket could be just the right thing.

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