9 Tips for Brides Shopping Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress shopping is the most important aspect of wedding planning for brides-to-be. It’s a thrilling, enticing experience, but it can also be time-consuming, painstaking and nerve-racking. Sometimes, it can even transform into a most overwhelming task, one that has brides-to-be at their melting point and ready to resent the entire thing.

However, with a couple of tips, you can get ahead of things and make wedding dress shopping a lot easier and pleasant for yourself. Based on our experience with brides joining us in our showroom in Bucharest, we put together a short guide of 9 tips to help you shop for your wedding dress

9 Tips for Brides Shopping Wedding Dresses - Read more at www.fashionbylaina.com/blog

1. Start looking for your wedding dress early

It’s a really good idea to start looking for your wedding dress a couple of months earlier than your big day. This will give you time to browse through enough dresses before you find your perfect one and gives the designer or boutique time to make it. Remember that some fabrics are available in limited quantities and sometimes designers need to place special orders for them that might take time to be produced and/or delivered.

It’s also good to take into account time for tailoring, adjustments and shopping for accessories before your big day. 

Featured: details of Fashion by Laina wedding dresses

Featured: details of Fashion by Laina wedding dresses


2. Stay true to your size

It’s good to have plans to lose weight, but when you’re shopping for your wedding dress it’s best you stay true to your size and inform bridal consultants of it. In fact, when you make the call to book the appointment tell them your size and ask about the styles and silhouettes that are readily available for a fitting in their showroom. That way you’re saving precious time and save yourself the disappointment when there's nothing available in the showroom on your size.

Photo via pixabay.com

Photo via pixabay.com

3. Be open to suggestions

It’s good to have some idea of what you’re looking for in a wedding dress, however, it’s worth to pay attention to what bridal consultants have to recommend. They have seen hundreds of brides before you and know what silhouettes would work better for your figure. Trust their instinct and be open to suggestions.


4. Go shopping with a budget in mind

Whether or not you’ve been dreaming about your wedding dress since you were 5, it’s always smart to have a budget in mind before you go shopping. Things like Swarovski embellishments and manual appliques, or French lace are going to cost more, so it’s better to figure out what you can afford to pay on your wedding dress before you fall in love with dresses that are over your budget. 

Remember to take into your budget other details too, like jewelry, undergarments, shoes, veils or tiaras. When you draw the line, you might find out you’re well over your wedding dress budget. 

Photo via Pixabay.com

Photo via Pixabay.com


5. Be prepared to try many dresses

Don’t let your spirit be broken because you haven’t found your wedding dress after your first appointment. Take your time to try as many dresses as you need before you find that perfect one for you. Sometimes it’s going to take you one or two shopping sessions, but other times it might take longer and many visits to different bridal shops in your area. 

Either way, it’s ok. Some brides find their dress easier or faster, while others take longer. There’s nothing wrong with either way. It’s important however that you stay positive through it all and open to trying out styles that you haven’t thought about in the beginning. You might just end up in a beautiful dress, that looks like it was made for you, even though it’s a completely different style than what you initially had in mind. 

Photo of beautiful Fashion by Laina wedding dresses on the catwalk at Mariage Fest, Romania.

Photo of beautiful Fashion by Laina wedding dresses on the catwalk at Mariage Fest, Romania.


6. Bring heels to appointments

One way to make wedding dress shopping easier is to make sure you’re ready for it. This means you should have a couple of things with you, like the right undergarments (nude preferable, Spanx if needed) and heels. 

Most dresses are of a standard length which might be a lot longer than what you need. This is where heels come in, helping you get a better idea of how you’d look on your big day with your dress on. Plus, when you’re wearing heels, your stature improves and your silhouette appears leaner.

However, be realistic with the height of those heels. Bring a pair that would be comfortable to walk around all day at your wedding.

Photo via Pexels.com

Photo via Pexels.com


7. Order one size bigger rather than one size smaller

It’s easy to imagine you will lose those extra 2 pounds within the next 4 months, but with all the stress involved in wedding planning, it’s better to stay on the safe side of things. So when it comes to ordering your dress, better order one size bigger, than one size smaller. That way, your tailor will have enough fabric to tuck in to make sure your dress is a perfect fit.


8. Be honest about what you like and dislike

Wedding dress shopping is a new experience for all brides, and while it’s quite an intimate and delicate affair, this doesn’t mean you should keep to yourself. Bridal consultants need your input to be able to help you find that perfect wedding dress. So be honest about what you like and dislike. You can even help them with inspirational photos.

Featured:  Camélia  ball-gown wedding dress from Fashion by Laina bridal collection.

Featured: Camélia ball-gown wedding dress from Fashion by Laina bridal collection.


9. Shop with the season in mind

Since wedding dress shopping happens a couple months earlier than the actual day, it’s easy for brides to lose sight of the season. Sometimes, when they go shopping for their dress during winter months, they tend to choose heavy fabrics and long sleeves, although their wedding will be happening during the torrid summer months. 

Photo via Pexels.com

Photo via Pexels.com

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